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This is because the skateboard width measures to around 8.0 inches and the length to around 32.0 inches, which is ideal for pros. However, the great part is that safety isn’t a concern, especially for younger children. For safety, make your kid wear knee pads and a helmet. The blue MEKETEC 22” Mini Cruiser sounds like a good option for my younger sibling who is going to turn eight years old in November. Keep your kid's shoe size into consideration when buying a skateboard for them. One of the trickiest things with skateboarding is going down a steep slope. However, this doesn’t mean that children in this age group are completely banned. Check Price. A few times should be enough to help them get used to the speed and keep balance. Furthermore, this sand grit finish matches the beauty of the maple wood deck. Don’t force them to skate right away, as safety is the top priority. With older kids aged 10 and up, they want to do much more with the board than just ride it. Accordingly, there are four types of board: It’s best to start at 4 years old, but if your kids grow faster or show their talent at skateboarding early, you can let them try this sport from 2 or 3 under supervision. The board is great for riders who want high speeds, and on the other hand, it has enough flexibility and control to perform stunts and tricks. Even if you get the, Now that we’ve established the appropriate ages, what kinds of things should you be looking for in the, However, our top pick for the best skateboard for kids is the, Meketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard. Firstly, make sure to supervise at all times. Additionally, a skateboard with a firm grip is much easier to ride than one which is prone to slippage. The ideal size of a skateboard might be based on several elements: The narrower the feet, the narrower the deck’s width to give better control. I am impressed by how well-made the board is, with a smooth ride and super shock absorption. Most importantly, the skateboard is CE-certified, guaranteeing safety. While there are ways to avoid dangers, skateboarding teaches kids many lessons: Learning to skateboard means a beginner keeps falling off, yet with encouragement and coaching, kids will want to get back on again, learning never to give up. Instead of being cooped up inside, children are outside burning calories and therefore, improving health. Has your kid ever come to you being super-proud of a drawing they made or a magic trick they learned all by themselves? The deck width of a full-sized skateboard is 7.5” or wider and can accommodate kids … The 32 x 8 inches deck is the perfect size for most kids. Best for Overall for Teenagers: Ten Toes Emporium Bamboo, Best Overall Runner Up: RIMABLE Kids Skateboards, Best for 8 year old: Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard, Best for Beginner: PlayWheels Kids Skateboards, Best for Speed: MINORITY Kids Skateboards, Best for Cruising: Quest QT-NSC44C Skateboard, Best Mini Cruiser: Skatro Mini Skateboard, Best for 6 year old: Wonnv Kids Skateboards, Best for 7 year old: MEKETEC Kids Skateboards. Secondly, the 3.125-inches aluminum alloy trucks provide a firm grip on the surface and keep your kid stable on the cruiser. Skateboarding is a fun and exhilarating sport, most popular amongst kids these days. It’s more based on the height and shoe size of your kids rather than their age. Now that they know the basics, it’s time to move forward. Along with being a safer surface to fall on than a road, a carpet also slows down speed. You can make a skateboard from home from scratch. Moreover, an added advantage of getting the Meketec Skateboard is that you won't have to replace it once your child grows. No matter what materials it’s made of, the weight capacity of NPET Pro will shock you – 440 pounds – delivering unbeatable endurance. Thanks for reading! The skateboard might get out of control if your kid doesn't have a firm grip on the deck. I really like this guide i will buy product no 4 for my son. With encouragement, kids get better and better with practice each time they fall. As your kids’ safety is the most important thing, you should invest in a good skateboard for them, even if you’re on a tight budget. The weight isn’t too much for children to ride on or carry around. It’s better to grab your skateboard and show them how to do it. Another awesome feature of this skateboard is the mediate concave shape, making it the best beginner skateboard for kids who want to do tricks. With Cal 7, there are tons of cool graphic options for kids to choose from. This article serves as a guide for guardians on which skateboard is the best and suits their kids. Don’t get this confused with right or left-handedness. Apart from that, the entertaining sport inculcates your child on virtues like patience and resilience. I am looking to buy a skateboard for my nephew but not sure where to start. You can narrow your options by what you think your nephew would like such as the color or style. At What Age Should You Buy a Skateboard for Your Kid? Moreover, it’s made of aluminum trucks and lightweight maple wood, so it’s easier to carry around. Here’s the bonus point: after a long round of skateboarding, your kid will get a good night’s sleep. PUENTE 31 Inch Complete Kids Skateboard. Don’t invest in skateboards from generic department stores or toy stores as you can’t be sure of the quality. The manufacturer also provides a 1-year warranty for this board. Depending on their height and shoe size, a 7-year old can ride a mini-cruiser or mid-sized skateboard pretty well. If your kids are 5 years old and their height is under 3’4” while the shoe size is under 3, a micro skateboard (with a deck width of 6.5” to 6.75”) is what they should be after. However, the best part about this skateboard is the battery-powered LED lights. Kids are easily distracted, even a rock or flowers so, the smaller the kid, the more patient the parents need to be. Meanwhile, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. The board has an all-terrain set-up. A skateboard is made of 6 major parts: hardware, bearings, grip tape, trucks, deck, and wheels. Choose the best skateboard for kids to learn on so that they can have a smooth experience. This is something that the other skateboards on this list lack. If you have the best kid skateboard, this shouldn’t be hard. Since the bearings can be adjusted, you can customize them according to your child’s expertise and speed preferences. They just need to know which are the best skateboard for kids on the market. Some more tips to help your kids learn skateboarding better: Let them watch skateboarding tutorial videos. Teaching a kid to learn skateboarding requires much more patience than that with an adult, even though he/she is the one who begs you to teach them. What are the Popular Types of Skateboard Available for Kids? Kids under 2 years old should not ideally try it, while those at 2 to 10 should be under adult supervision. For kids who want to focus on practicing double kickflip, kickflip, nollie, or nose pickup, the ENKEEO skateboard is superb thanks to its sully SYMMETRICAL double kick concave. You’ll need a deckand accessories to do so. But on the other hand, the board is quite quick, making it fun for the rider thanks to the  ABEC-7 bearings. For example, some say pro and rookie as opposed to advanced and beginner. Full-sized Skateboards are for kids 13 and older and 5’3” and taller. What kind of skateboard should a 7-year old have? The Merkapa Skateboard has ABEC 7 bearings, which are ideal for learners who don’t know how to skate at higher speeds. Full-sized boards, ranging up to 7.5 inches in width, are best for kids over 10. This additional safety feature makes the Merkapa Skateboard a highly convenient purchase for parents, in particular. The skateboard is a bit heavier than the other 22” by 6” models because of the quality materials. If your kid needs something to learn on, the Merkapa or Rimable Skateboards are good options. You can walk alongside them to support and notice which side their preference is. Despite being a budget-friendly pick, the Cal mini cruiser has 78A wheels for reducing friction. The micro boards have a deck width of up to 6.75 inches, suitable for kids under six. Generally, the younger the rider is, the shorter the deck should be. The 50 x 27 mm wheels are PVC-injected and come with nylon bearings. Even kids as young as five won’t find much difficulty using this skateboard because it’s easy-to-use and high-performance at the same time. The extra large wheels of 60mm diameter, are ideal for beginners to start learning and cruising, while the wheels’ softness – 78A durometer – that allows riders to ride on various surfaces. Thank you, Bam! However, it's safe to start teaching your child once they're three or four years old. How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Kids. Due to the 50 mm anti-shock PU wheels, the skateboard ride is smooth as ever. In terms of performance, the ABEC-7 bearings, coupled with 59 mm urethane wheels, make this skateboard easy to ride. From electronic scooters to e-bikes, they have made electrically … Once you let the board go, remember to run alongside your kids to catch them in case they fall. Kids need to hang out with their age-fellows for proper social development. Rimable’s 22-Inch skateboard has a deck that’s 22-inches long and 6.5-inches wide so it’s great for kids over 3 feet 4 inches up to 198 pounds and ideal for ages 8-12 but reviewers say it’s great for nearly any … You also receive a carry bag for the board. Plus, the truck size is also bigger at 5-inches, so the skateboard takes turns and twists with ultimate ease. For kids, we recommend beginner or intermediate skateboards, depending on their level of practice and experience. Some companies do make smaller, short skateboards about 21" or 22" in length, but this is more a matter of marketing than genuine consumer need. The Wonnv Retro skateboard comes in 2 awesome designs and is a strong contender for the best kids skateboard. Equipped with colorful light-up wheels, the Merkapa Skateboard has changed the game; they are iconic, attractive, blend well with the classic solid-colored deck, and help visibility at night. Please let me know if there’s any other way I can be of service to you.

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