why is mumble rap so bad

Some argue that mumble rap isn’t dumbing down audiences, rather it is a response to contemporary audiences that are demanding less nuance in the music they’re consuming. The term “mumble rap” was coined in 2011 to describe the slew of rap songs that started shifting to grittier production and simpler, incomprehensible lyrics. It should get its own name and definition just like any other subgenre in the way that  punk rock and metal did. Obviously, the experience of listening to music is subjective and not everyone perceives music the same way. You can … You now have Lil Yachty and D.R.A.M. Now every single mumble rap or gangster rap song sounds almost identical because they are emulating the one song that made Drake into a star, but not the whole song, just a few bars of it with the most irritatingly catchy mumbling hook. So called mumble rap artists boast about cars, diamonds and girls, but rappers have been doing this for decades. ‘We Are Who We Are’ Is An Artistic Triumph For The…. For me to be able to enjoy music, there needs to be some degree of technical skill involved. I just don't the appeal, let alone why it's so popular now. To you, rap could signify oppression, liberation, the voice of a generation, but to someone else, it may just be the music they turn on on a Friday night. And there is so much unnecessary profanity. Once there was a time when there was a message in Rap. There will always be conflict over what constitutes true and authentic rap, as definitive boundaries between musical genres are becoming more and more blurred. “To me it means this kind of anti-lyrical, overly produced, braggadocio-filled rap. So what do mumble rappers actually think of themselves? You had 2Pac telling stories about gangbanging and the streets and how much he appreciates his mama. Mumble rap isn't even that bad I hate how whenever I listen to a Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil whatthefuckever on YouTube people always have to bash mumble rap for being "lazy" and "unimaginative" or whatever and feel the URGE to plug "real rap" from Logic, Eminem, etc. People forget that there was a point in time where these artists aligned with the styles of older hip-hop artists.”. Artists like Designer and Future can’t freestyle and instead rely on their own way of talking in their songs. But I consider mumble rap to be a subgenre of rap that deserves the same recognition. Almost if he wanted to reverse time and make his mother proud instead of not listening to her and being a bad son. Because of the emphasis on the … By clicking “Create Account”, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service. Mumble rap may not even be the correct term to describe today’s top-selling songs that critics may argue are a reflection of the young generation’s laziness. the only reason mumble could be argued to be objectively trash is the extreme lack of uniqueness it has. It’s all about being lit.”, A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Sept. 24 print edition. I thought that crunk rap back in the early 2000's was terrible compared to old school rap, but mumble rap today ('21 savage" "cardi b" "kodak black" etc is beyond ridiculous with the autotunes the gibberish, the repeated "tish" (think the end of the drum sound "ba dum tish" ) sounds and the crap that all sounds the same. Oscar Harold of the Cardinal Times stated that "mumble rap" is misleading, arguing that the rappers such as Future rely more upon pop melodies and vocal effects, such as … Some argue that mumble rap isn’t dumbing down audiences, rather it is a response to contemporary audiences that are demanding less nuance in the music they’re consuming. Some of it is good, some bad but it's not going anywhere for a while so we might as well adjust. 0. Tekken Producer becomes MUMBLE RAPPER!? In regards to emo rap or culture in general, a lot of youth are empathizing with the music so its pretty popular, in regards to why that is, that's another question. © Copyright Washington Square News. As opposed to the rhythmic and poetic style of raps, that can be memorized due to their meaningfulness, mumble rap is a bolder, daring aspect of hip-hop that found its … This is why I find complaining about mumble rap lyrics a tad ignorant and close-minded. As Lil Uzi Vert put it simply in an interview with XXL: “It’s just lit. Mumble is the only one that I really hate.

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